Introducing MK Select Ltd.

The dynamics of Internet development in recent years is the reason behind the fact that websites now serve as a primary channel of information and communication between businesses and their clients. In other words: if you are not on the Web – you don’t exist.

Designing, developing and implementing user-friendly services tailored to the requirements of our customers is our greatest passion and our life.

Knowledge and experience

Each project we execute is the work of a group of experts: computer systems analysts, programmers and graphic designers, who closely work together under the name of MK Select Limited. Our several years’ experience in new technologies means that we are capable of meeting the tallest orders of our clients.

Take a look at our portfolio, which better illustrate our experience.


At MK Select we understand that your target is not only to have your website designed. Furthermore, we understand the importance of the overall presentation of your company on the Internet, including establishing connections with your potential clients, which will contribute to sales growth.

We promise to deliver you:


Websites created by MK Select meet the standards of W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium) and appear correctly in all popular browsers and operating systems.

Above all, we understand that a high position of your website in search results is one of the best ways to advertise yourself. Therefore, we care about the structure of our service making us adaptable to the requirements of the search engines.